Why FHA Loans are so great?


FHA loans are not perfect, but they are a great fit in some situations. The main appeal is that they make it easy to buy property, but don’t forget that those benefits always come with tradeoffs. Here are some of the most attractive features:


Down payment: FHA loans allow you to buy a home with a down payment as small as 3.5%. Other loan programs generally require a much larger down payment.


Other peoples’ money: it’s easier to use gifts for down payment and closing costs. In addition, sellers can pay up to 6% of the loan amount towards a buyer’s closing costs. You’re most likely to benefit from that in a buyer’s market, but those do come around from time to time.


Prepayment penalty: there is none (a big plus for subprime borrowers)


Assumable: a buyer can “take over” your FHA loan if it’s assumable. That means they’ll pick up where you left off – benefiting from lower interest costs (because you’ve already gone through the highest-interest years). Depending whether or not have changed by the time you sell, the buyer might also enjoy a low interest rate that’s unavailable elsewhere.


A chance to reset: If you’ve recently come out of bankruptcy or foreclosure, it’s easier to get an FHA loan than a loan that does not come with any government guarantee (two or three years after financial hardship is enough to qualify with FHA).


Home improvement: certain FHA loans can be used to pay for home improvement (through FHA 203k programs)


Qualification: it’s easier to qualify for an FHA loan. Source : aboutmoney.com


Your Loan in the Valley


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