How you can overcome Sales Prospecting Anxiety?


Most salespeople suffer from it in one form or another. In it’s worst state, it turns perfectly good salespeople into a state of self-doubt.

Let’s look at 9 things you can do now to overcome sales prospecting anxiety.

  1. Set goals you can achieve. Don’t set sky high goals. Set ones you know you can accomplish. It might be as small as saying you’re going to make 2 phones calls today. Set what is comfortable for you!
  1. Share with other people things you know will help them. Make a list of all the ways you help the people you’re to be selling to. Keep the list with you at all time.
  1. Make your first prospecting phone call each day to an existing customer. Use the existing customer to get you excited because they will share with you why they appreciated having the opportunity to buy from you.
  1. View each contact as an opportunity to build a relationship. Your objective is to gain a new piece of information from them that will earn you the ability to contact them again.
  1. Think long-term. Don’t expect results to happen quickly unless you are selling something that truly does have a very short sales purchase cycle.
  1. Don’t sweat rejection. Professional baseball players make millions even when they strike out 2 out of 3 times. Remember, to be successful you only have to be able to sell to a small portion of the people with whom you come in contact.
  1. Celebrate your success each day and use it to plan the next day. Regardless of how you may feel nothing may have happened, always end the day celebrating something you did and use it to help set up the next day.
  1. Schedule a specific time each day for you to be prospecting. Don’t let anything get in the way. Make it and keep it! Don’t use the time to prepare to prospect. Use it to actually prospect!
  1. Don’t hangout with losers.   Too many times we get down on ourselves because we’re hanging out with others who are down on themselves. If you want to be successful, you need to hang out with successful people. Source: by Mark Hunter.

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